Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This is our first family Christmas card.
Tinkle and Marvin were in most of the shots, but they failed to make the cut. This was the shot we ended up selecting for our holiday cards. 

There are some special details I'd like to point out, in case you missed them on first perusal.
1. Lisa has her hands in the ASL sign for "I love you" which is both appropriate for the season and sensitive to cultural diversity.

2. I am wearing my fuzzy bomber style thingie, so this post ties in with last week's post nicely. How's that for continuity?

3. Our reindeer on the mirror are meant to look like us. The one with the wonky eye/crooked tongue is Lisa. The lovely symmetrical reindeer represents yours truly.
4. We made stockings. They match. And have rainbow hanging loops. How gay!

Enjoy the holidays... (watch this!)


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