Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Photo Journal Surprise!

Because my Momma raised me to be honest (even on the internet), here are some uncensored photographic representations of my month.

Sans airbrushing, instagramming, or even a bare minimum of self-editing.

Here you go.

FEB. 1st, 2013:

This is one of Lisa's grey hairs.

I plucked it out while she was asleep.

She has at least 56 of them

(That's where I lost count. )

FEB 6th, 2013:

It was a slow night in St. John's.

How slow?

Pretty slow.

 (Yes, that may or may not be an upside down chin puppet...again)

FEB 7th, 2013: I was miffed upon opening this bag of Udi's gluten free bread.

How'm I supposed to make a sandwich when the bread has peekaboo portholes in it?

So I emailed the company...a long rant with this picture included.

They sent me coupons. I love coupons.

Once again, I am becoming my mother.

FEB 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa: I made you a surprise! Close your eyes!

Me: *opens eyes, sees what appears to be a rotten banana on breakfast plate*

Oh! Um. Right. A banana! Cool!

Lisa: It's a special banana...I made it!

Me: *says nothing*

Yes. That is a chocolate banana. Lisa made it.

A representation of her affection.

For me, for Valentine's day.

And yes. It looked like poop in real life, too.


FEB 14th, 2013:

Tea. For Valentine's day. It was one of those blooming tea thingies, that opened up in my jar.

It looked like a spider waking up.

Who knew tea could be creepy?

FEB. 15th, 2013:

We left the house. After dark.


Sans feline companions. We left the fur babies home alone for an entire evening.

Lisa's daily existence involves negotiating that murky distinction between regular person and mentally unbalanced cat lady.

FEB 15th, 2013:

There are two pictures from that night, actually.

Yes, for the curious, that is chain mail. In bra form.

(Sorry, Mom. I had to...

Incidentally, I may be returning to the West Coast, depending on how Lisa reacts to this photo ending up on the internets.)

FEB 18th, 2013:

Soy Chai Penis Latte.


FEB 23rd, 2013:

Why I love Lisa #458:

 She eats chips at the gym between sets.

And then wonders why she can't make friends in the changeroom.

This is why, Lisa. This is why.


Athletic Update:

Lisa is very very excited to be training for the Transrockies 6, an ultramarathon taking place in Colorado? (I think) in August (I am a good listener). She will be running with a superhero (or so she seems from the stories) named Jude. Or Jule. June?

Oh heck. Ima call her J.

I am attempting to be supportive. I lurk around the gym pretending to do weights/ checking people out/ checking myself out/ rearranging equipment according to my OCD needs, while she runs on the treadmill/attends spin classes for a very long time (currently my cardio caps out at under an hour...). Sometimes I lay on the mats in the stretching room and have a little siesta (I am an excellent training buddy).

So I will be posting updates on my blog about her training, because she is too busy training to create her own blog. Also she would talk too much about the spiritual/life-altering aspects of the experience, which no one *really* wants to hear about. WE all just want pictures of her eating potato chips in the changeroom. And stories about her passing out on the side of the road in her darth-vader altitude training mask. (which hasn't happened yet, but it will).



Go Lisa!!!!!!!

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