Saturday, October 27, 2012

Femme-ily time.

Lesbians eat that shit up.
Lisa had yesterday and today off, so we've been doing domestic-type things together, like running to the farmer's market, and eating soup. Lisa made me a cake last night. I was having one of those late-night "I'm not hungry but I'm gonna keep eating anyways and you can't stop me" moments.  Of course, in preparation for a hard-core hippie candida cleanse, we are trying not to eat anything that feeds yeast.  Nic T. inspired me to name my yeast (easier to defeat an enemy you can name) so it is henceforth to be referred to as Fungus Khan (witty wordplay, eh? dad should be proud) Cake in any form would normally be cheating, no good, very bad and not allowed on a candida diet. And then I found this mix in the gluten free aisle at Sobey's.

 I was immediately excited! Protein flours! No sugar! No yeast! No dairy! No chocolate! No anything! Woohoo! Ima eat cake and destroy my yeast overgrowth simultaneously!
The cake looked like this. Nice, yes? With a heart on top and everything...awww.

It was dense. Solid. And tasted...interesting. Sort of like how you'd expect cake with no sugar, no dairy, no yeast, no refined flours, and carob instead of chocolate to taste. Only with a slight lingering stevia taste to top it off. After a hesitant first few bites and a few pulled faces, we both cut ourselves large slices. No quitting or crying in this house. It was cake, goshdarnit, and we were going to EAT IT AND LIKE IT!!!

Both slices disappeared in a few bites. We both pause for air and look at each other.

Me: It's sort of growing on me. I could eat another slice.

Lisa: Me too. I'm getting more.

Me: I want more too.

Lisa: Is it wrong that we don't even have to like something to wanna keep eating it?

Me: Gimme another slice. I'm gonna put some syrup on it. And almond butter.

Lisa: I thought we were going to do yoga tonight.

Me: (chewing) mmm. Right. Yoga. That.

Apparently, you can feed us anything and we'll eat copious amounts of it. Our shared ability to eat and enjoy anything remotely resembling food will come in handy if we ever end up on Survivor or The Amazing Race, right?

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