Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Homo Hut?

We had lunch at the Happy Hummus Hut today. I failed to notice the pride flag in the window, and was pleased and surprised that all three servers were androgynous, cute, slouchy toque wearing, friendly-ish (by Newfoundland standards) gays. They have a terrible window display (other than the flag) which had previously deterred me from exploring further than the menu on the door.

This is my empty plate.
Before it had a quesadilla on it.
I ate it.
Lisa rearranged the sheep-shaped
salt and pepper shakers so that
they would look more balanced.
After looking around at the other customers and noting a strong homosexual showing, I wondered...Do all homos like hummus? Or do they just decide to like hummus after noticing the flag in the window? Are gay people more likely to have food allergies? (The Hummus Hut caters to those of us who only eat the blank-free versions of things) Actually the "Hummus Hut" seems a bit of a misnomer, since we didn't eat anything with hummus in it, and there were only a few menu items that did seem to include hummus. I guess "Happy (teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, appy-sized) Sandwich, Quesadilla, Wrap and Salad Hut" didn't have the same ring to it.

The food was only mediocre, but they did have gluten free tortillas and daiya cheese shreds for the gluten-impaired vegan contingent. The biggest problem was the portion size. I meant to take a picture of my quesadilla like a proper blogger would, but I ate my food before I remembered. It is obvious by how swiftly my plate became empty (approx 2 mins) that the meal was inadequate. On the way home a grumpy and still hungry Lisa asked me "So what's for lunch?". We ate another full meal as soon as we got in the door. 
This is Lisa post gluten, dairy and hummus free snack.
She is eager to go home and eat lunch.

On a related note, I probably need to get a job soon. Or stop exercising/moving/burning calories in any way to reduce my caloric requirements. I've been here three weeks now and Lisa's paycheque will feed herself and either my top half or bottom half, but not both of us. I have applied for ten or so menial office jobs, but the closing dates aren't for ages, so I'll probably end up working at a grocery store (two thumbs up!) in the meantime. On the plus side, I made it to the third round of interviews for a job I didn't want (50 hour weeks and the office was an hour and a half away...). For the moment, I'm playing housewife. I make and send mail for people from recycled bits of paper and cook stuff (and eat it). Sometimes I do crunches to keep my figure. I feed the cats on Wednesdays when Lisa works late. It's a full life.

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