Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twelve days and counting.

I may have to change my blog name. Apparently, one is no longer considered a "Baby Dyke" when they reach a quarter century. This seems arbitrary to me, but my 25th birthday is less than two weeks away...So Fack. Okay. What happens when I'm old, and I don't count as a Baby Dyke anymore? Lisa is secure in her "Queen Dyke" title, but what do I get? Do I just become a regular dyke? Does this mean I'll have to start wearing my hiking boots and down vest whenever I leave the house?

There is a baby dyke at Lisa's work. I have yet to see her for myself, but Lisa says that she is the most adorable little boi she's ever seen, and I trust her judgement. Yesterday she sent me a series of texts about the Baby Dyke, and her girlfriend. My first impulse was to tell Lisa to invite them for dinner...I don't even know them, and I want to feed them. I think my maternal instincts are incompatible with a Baby Dyke label. Does this mean I'm a grown up?

I have toyed with "Dyke Lite", but that makes me sound like I'm dabbling in homosexuality.  I take myself and accurate spelling entirely too seriously to be a "lite" anything. Although I do think that would be make an excellent beer brand name. Hmmm. I guess I have almost two weeks to figure it out...

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